LSCC Visits St. Garabed

                 The Ladies Society Central Council (LSCC) organized a pilgrimage to St. Garabed Church of Rancho Mirage on November 30, 2017. Present were Chairlady, Lena Simonian and recording secretary Aida Chakarian.  There were also ladies society members from St. Leon Cathedral Burbank, St. Peter Van Nuys and Holy Apostles Crescenta Valley.

                 The visitors were greeted by Rev. Fr. Krikor Zakarian, Parish Priest in the Church where he performed a short service and gave a short sermon on Luke 22:24-30 where he stressed the fact that as ladies society members we are the leaders who serve best of our capabilities for we are considered the caring mothers of our churches. Continue reading “LSCC Visits St. Garabed”

Children’s Sunday

                 For the last several months, every first Sunday the church and grounds got filled with the lively and cheerful voices of the children of St. Garabed, as Der Krikor dedicated those special Sundays to the kids and young families of our    community. After a special sermon in the Church, children, parents and Der Hayr gathered at Kirkjan  Family Hall for  arts and crafts related to the Sunday theme, as well as a movie and a delicious lunch prepared by Gary Churukian.
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“Thanks For Giving” Alice Safoyan

                  Alice Safoyan has been an integral part of this community and of St. Garabed Armenian Apostolic Church of the Desert for many years.

                  After living in the desert since 1983, Alice is now moving to Los Angeles.  On Sunday, November 26th, the Parish Council honored her at a “Thanks For Giving” luncheon held at Kirkjan   Family Hall.  Many friends and family were there to help  celebrate Alice’s contributions to the Armenian Church.
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