LSCC Visits St. Garabed

                 The Ladies Society Central Council (LSCC) organized a pilgrimage to St. Garabed Church of Rancho Mirage on November 30, 2017. Present were Chairlady, Lena Simonian and recording secretary Aida Chakarian.  There were also ladies society members from St. Leon Cathedral Burbank, St. Peter Van Nuys and Holy Apostles Crescenta Valley.

                 The visitors were greeted by Rev. Fr. Krikor Zakarian, Parish Priest in the Church where he performed a short service and gave a short sermon on Luke 22:24-30 where he stressed the fact that as ladies society members we are the leaders who serve best of our capabilities for we are considered the caring mothers of our churches.

After church service we gathered in church hall where Ladies Society members as well as Yn. Anoush hosted a home-made luncheon and gave us a very warm welcome. Fr. Krikor introduced the newly formed executive body who were eager to share their challenges and difficulties with us.   Chairlady Lena Simonian congratulated and thanked the newly formed executive members for their warm hospitality, especially the food they have prepared with love, then she discussed the purpose, benefits and responsibilities of Ladies Society membership stressing the fact that we are all here for the only purpose of strengthening and beautifying our  churches and serving with humility and peace. The newly formed ladies society executive body       discussed some of the difficulties they were facing and were happy to know that all ladies societies were experiencing similar challenges and situations.

Before departing the ladies enjoyed the magnificent outdoor grounds of the church. Fr. Krikor and the host Ladies Society members were very glad to have met us and hoped we can visit again in the near future.

As LSCC executive board members, bound in our faith, we are committed to guide, to encourage, to support, to educate and to supervise the indoctrination of values within our church through servitude and benevolence.

By Lena Simonian