Christ Was Born and Revealed! Blessed is the Revelation of Christ!

Dear Faithful,

The Armenian Apostolic Church celebrates the Nativity of the Baby Jesus with joy on the evening of January 5 with the celebration of the Divine Liturgy. Countdown the last days of the year with anticipation of these holidays, our hearts and minds take us back to the manger of Bethlehem, where our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ was born. God became man in order to enter into communion with us, to invite us back to eternal life of peace and holiness.

Our history is full of devastating and extreme acts perpetrated against our people. However, as a nation and despite the numerous hindrances we face, we are unstoppable in our course for the truth. Indeed, like the miracle of Christ’s birth, we are resurrected from forced wars and genocide. And today, we have a mission to help the displaced families of our nation. In spite of all this, we as a nation, have decided to follow the wise men, to seek Christ, the source of our peace and unity. The message of Christ’s birth will continue to resound from century to century. The bells of the Church will toll. The hymns will be sung. The people will continue to celebrate the miraculous birth of Christ and the revelation of God.

We praise the Almighty God, for we will continue to exist. We will continue to seek the truth, to witness the Gospel of truth. Christ was born. God became man for man, to break the bonds of evil and death, enmity, indescribable sorrow and pain of loss, enmity and hatred, so that people, follow the footsteps of their Lord, live in eternity.

May the spirit of Christ’s miraculous birth be with all of us today and throughout the year. May the Most High God, through His Incarnated Son, bring love, peace, and kindness to all our families, so that each of us may turn our homes an d our hearts into the manger of Bethlehem. May Jesus be born again in our homes, in our hearts and souls, and may we become new Bethlehem.

Christ Was Born and Revealed! Blessed is the Revelation of Christ!

Deacon Gevork Gevorkian