Children’s Sunday

                 For the last several months, every first Sunday the church and grounds got filled with the lively and cheerful voices of the children of St. Garabed, as Der Krikor dedicated those special Sundays to the kids and young families of our    community. After a special sermon in the Church, children, parents and Der Hayr gathered at Kirkjan  Family Hall for  arts and crafts related to the Sunday theme, as well as a movie and a delicious lunch prepared by Gary Churukian.
The spiritual nourishment of the children and young families is a vital ministry of the Church, and ensures the continuation of our faith and     traditions, and we are hoping that this endeavor will one day develop into  Armenian School and Sunday School.  We welcome all volunteers who believe and want to contribute towards the realization of these wonderful programs!

We would like to express our  deepest gratitude to those who support this endeavor, and    especially Gary Churukian, parents volunteers, as well as Ladies and Parish members.