2021 Schedule of Holy Week Services

“Why do you look for the living among the dead?

He is not here; He has risen!”

Dear faithful,
The Armenian Apostolic Church celebrates the Resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ with joy on April 4th with the celebration of the Divine Liturgy. Praise and thanks be to Almighty God that this angelic news of Resurrection of Christ came to renew our spiritual life, which more than ever needs us to resist the world’s anxieties, disasters, and evil attacks. The mysterious Resurrection of Christ is not only His victory over death, but also ours, the victory of all mankind. It is a Feast, especially for the Armenian people, who were the first among the nations to declare that they believed in the risen Christ, in whose likeness they also suffered, endured great tribulations, persecutions and genocides, but always fought valiantly to keep alive their faith and hope and life. The good news of the Resurrection of Christ responds with a particularly reliable consolation to our distressing times, when, after the war that has been imposed on us as a nation, we endured unspeakable pain and sorrow, suffering and common anxiety, as well as the present difficult conditions of the pandemic.

May the torments and the anxieties of our times fade away before the light and the joy of the Resurrection of the Lord! Let us never forget that His Resurrection is the beginning, the sure guarantee and the stable foundation of our resurrection! It is the renewal of our human existence, the gift of eternity, the opportunity to choose a new life that can fundamentally change the face of our country and the world, that can defeat evil temptations, attacks, violence, destructive selfishness, ambition, and hatred.

Dear brothers and sisters, with this mysterious and wondrous news of the Resurrection, let us renew and revive our faith through the awareness of the Savior’s presence in our lives. May the joyful news of Christ’s Resurrection, the victory of life, free us from trials, grant us peace, and endless heavenly blessings. And together, overcoming trials and creating our new life, let us always glorify Almighty God for the priceless grace of salvation and eternal life bestowed on us by His
infinite love.

With this wish, on the occasion of the Resurrection Feast, we bring our encouraging good news to all our brave and dedicated people. We greet and congratulate all the children of the Apostolic Mother Church with the best wishes of prayer. With these thoughts, emotions and prayerful best wishes we once more greet you with the most joyous and oft-repeated of all greetings:

Christ is Risen from the dead!
Blessed is the Resurrection of our Lord!

Deacon Gevork Gevorkian