2015 Parish Council

After the Annual Parish Assembly Meeting, held on March 15, 2015, the members of St. Garabed Armenian Apostolic Church of the Desert elected the new officers of the 2015 Parish Council Members. The elected members are: Gary Funtas, Sonia Matossian, Carolon Nigosian, Arjuna Saraydarian, Mary Swajian, Jacci Tutunjian, Mary Vartanian.

We wish all of them a fruitful term under the guidance of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Update: As of August 28 few changes took place at the 2015 Parish Council. Three members of the Parish Council resigned in the last fourĀ  months: Sonia Matossian, Arjuna Saraydarian and Jacci Tutunjian. The vacancy had been filled up by alternates: Ginny Kelekian, Alice Safoyan and Ani Marcarian.

We thank all those who served for the success of our Church and community and wish the Parish Council a successful term.